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Farzad Kamalabadi

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Contact Information

Elec & Comp Engr
307 Csl
1308 W Main
M/C 228
Urbana, IL 61801
Affiliate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor, Statistics
Professor, Coordinated Science Lab
Kung Chie & Margaret Yeh Endowed Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Recent Publications

Taaki, J. S., Kemball, A. J., & Kamalabadi, F. (2024). Robust Detrending of Spatially Correlated Systematics in Kepler Light Curves Using Low-rank Methods. Astronomical Journal, 167(2), Article 60.

Frey, H. U., Mende, S. B., Meier, R. R., Kamaci, U., Urco, J. M., Kamalabadi, F., England, S. L., & Immel, T. J. (2023). In Flight Performance of the Far Ultraviolet Instrument (FUV) on ICON. Space Science Reviews, 219(3), Article 23.

Immel, T. J., England, S. L., Harding, B. J., Wu, Y. J., Maute, A., Cullens, C., Englert, C. R., Mende, S. B., Heelis, R. A., Frey, H. U., Korpela, E. J., Stephan, A. W., Frey, S., Stevens, M. H., Makela, J. J., Kamalabadi, F., Triplett, C. C., Forbes, J. M., McGinness, E., ... Roberts, B. (2023). The Ionospheric Connection Explorer - Prime Mission Review. Space Science Reviews, 219(5), Article 41.

Karimi, P., Naumer, H., & Kamalabadi, F. (2023). A Continuous Representation Of Switching Linear Dynamic Systems For Accurate Tracking. In Proceedings of the 22nd IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop, SSP 2023 (pp. 339-343). (IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing Proceedings; Vol. 2023-July). IEEE Computer Society.

Naumer, H., & Kamalabadi, F. (2023). Dimensionality Collapse: Optimal Measurement Selection for Low-Error Infinite-Horizon Forecasting. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 206, 6166-6198.

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