Undergraduate Programs

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The Department of Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers students a variety of options to pursue a deeper understanding of statistics. The major is designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts of statistical inference and a familiarity with the methods of applied statistical analysis with specialized coursework in a number of areas of emphasis, such as Data Science and Biostatistics. A major in statistics will prepare students for a career in business, industry, or government, and for further graduate study in statistics or in a related area. Students may also pursue a bachelors degree in Statistics + Computer Science. 

The Department of Statistics offers an undergraduate minor for non-majors who take a significant number of courses in Statistics. Coursework for the degree exposes students to statistical computation, theory of mathematical statistics, and many common techniques of statistical analysis.

Transferring to Statistics Deadlines

The university allows students to change their major during certain times of the academic year.

  • Beginning of Spring semester.
  • Middle of Spring semester (usually March).
  • Middle of Summer semester (usually June).
  • Beginning of Fall semester.
  • Middle of Fall semester (usually October).

The specific dates of the next curriculum change period are listed on the LAS Declaration page.