The purpose of the first meeting is to understand your project so that we may estimate the number of hours the project will require. Be prepared to present the background for your research and to explain the problem. Since the consultant may not be familiar with the terms used in your area of research, please explain concepts in layman's terms. Please do not expect statistical advice this first hour. The purpose of this meeting is for the consultant to gather as much background information as possible to be able to assist you with your research.

What to bring

Before the meeting, assemble background material about your project. Make copies of materials that you can leave with the consultant. Prepare a list of questions that you want answered.

If you already have data to be analyzed, bring the data in electronic format (Excel spreadsheet, ACCESS database, SAS or SPSS data set, or ASCII file on a CD, USB memory key, etc.) If you've already run some analyses, bring your program and results also.

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