Tech Support

ATLAS serves as the primary support unit for the College of LAS. They are here to support your administrative needs, whatever those may be. If you can not find help from the links below, please do not hesitate to email them at

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Purchasing Tech

Check With ATLAS First. ATLAS Care

If you're buying a new computer or purchasing software, please clear those purchases with ATLAS first. In order to minimize purchasing and support costs, ATLAS arranges bulk purchases of computers, and restricts support to specific makes & models.

ATLAS Care is a computer refresh program that is LAS college wide. The program's goal is to ensure that all LAS faculty and staff have reliable, up to date, and warrantied computers that are on a 5-year refresh cycle. ATLAS has secured special discount pricing quotes from companies like Dell and Lenovo for desktop computers. Each year, the IT support teams work within their departments to identify exactly which computers meet the eligibility requirements. If the department would like to purchase a different computer that is not one of our standard quotes, they will be eligible to do so and receive a $700.00 stipend towards that specific computer, provided it is approved as a "supported" class of computer by LAS IT support. Only computers that are used by full time faculty/staff as their primary computer and are 5 years or older will be eligible to participate in this program. If you have any questions or would like additional information about ATLAS Care, please contact Dan Wood , ATLAS Assistant Director for User Services, at .

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Facilities Support

Requests for facilities support for Illini Hall, 703 S. Wright St., and the Computing Applications Building (building issues, keys, etc.) should be emailed to the Facilities Manager, Kevin Armstrong

For support for 616 E. Green St. (Tech Plaza) you may submit a direct request for maintenance through the JSM Living website or contact Stat Facilities.

For emergencies support for Tech Plaza, please call 217-359-6108 and send an email to Stat-Facilities detailing the emergency need.