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Tandy Warnow

Affiliate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Associate Head, Computer Science
W. W. Grainger Chair, Computer Science
Professor, Computer Science
Professor, Bioengineering
Professor, Mathematics
Professor, Statistics
Professor, Coordinated Science Lab
Professor, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA)
Professor, Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
Professor, Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory
Co-Chief Scientist, Digital Transformation Institute, Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation
Affiliate, Entomology
Affiliate, Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior

Recent Publications

Canby, M. E., Evans, S. N., Ringe, D., & Warnow, T. (2024). Addressing Polymorphism in Linguistic Phylogenetics. Transactions of the Philological Society. Advance online publication.

Park, M., Tabatabaee, Y., Ramavarapu, V., Liu, B., Pailodi, V. K., Ramachandran, R., Korobskiy, D., Ayres, F., Chacko, G., & Warnow, T. (2024). Identifying Well-Connected Communities in Real-World and Synthetic Networks. In H. Cherifi, L. M. Rocha, C. Cherifi, & M. Donduran (Eds.), Complex Networks and Their Applications XII - Proceedings of The 12th International Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications: COMPLEX NETWORKS 2023 (pp. 3-14). (Studies in Computational Intelligence; Vol. 1142 SCI). Springer.

Chu, G., & Warnow, T. (2023). SCAMPP+FastTree: improving scalability for likelihood-based phylogenetic placement. Bioinformatics Advances, 3(1), Article vbad008.

Liu, B., & Warnow, T. (2023). Weighted ASTRID: fast and accurate species trees from weighted internode distances. Algorithms for Molecular Biology, 18(1), Article 6.

Liu, B., & Warnow, T. (2023). WITCH-NG: efficient and accurate alignment of datasets with sequence length heterogeneity. Bioinformatics Advances, 3(1), Article vbad024.

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