The Illinois Stat-MS Prep Track is intended for advanced undergraduates intending to pursue a Stat-MS degree at Illinois after completion of their undergraduate program(s). This allows students to complete some additional coursework during their last year of undergraduate study that could later be used toward the Statistics MS program (either the general MS or Analytics Concentration). 

Entry into the Track would allow a student to complete up to 12 credit hours of graduate coursework which could later be applied to the MS program, and effectively support advanced students in getting a head start on our Statistics MS. Entry into the Track and completion of 12 graduate credit hours could reduce the time needed to complete the MS by a semester. A separate application for admission to the MS program would later be required.  

Acceptance into the Track does not guarantee admission to the MS program; however, the MS application fee would be waived for students in the Track and we anticipate that students who excel in their remaining undergraduate program and additional graduate coursework would very likely be admitted.  

The Track provides students the opportunity to complete some coursework early— saving both time and money. Entry into the Track is also not a pre-requisite for the MS program. Students who have not taken part in the Track are also encouraged to apply for the MS. 

Note: The additional graduate level courses cannot be applied to any other undergraduate degree requirements for majors, minors, certificates, minimum credit hours, etc. They must be extra courses in addition to what is required for your undergraduate programs. 

  • Graduating in one or two semesters (Fall 2024 or Spring 2025) 
  • Interested in applying to our MS program (either the general MS or Analytics Concentration
  • Currently a Statistics or Statistics & Computer Science major or a Statistics minor 
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.3  
  • Minimum GPA 3.3 for STAT 400, STAT 410 and STAT 425 (for minors, STAT 400, STAT 420, MATH 257 or 415, and MATH 241 can be considered as an alternative) 
Information Sessions
  • March 5, 2024 - 4:00 P.M., 2025 Campus Instructional Facility
  • March 26, 2024 - 4:00 P.M., 2025 Campus Instructional Facility
Application Details

Application deadline for the 2024-2025 academic year is April 21, 2024. The application will go live shortly after the first Info-Session. Details on the Info-Session will be posted here and emailed to students.

Application Form

Items to be uploaded directly to application: 

  • Unofficial UIUC Transcript
  • Course plan to meet all undergraduate majors/minors/certificate requirements in final year. This course plan should include all courses you intend to take in your final semester(s) of your undergraduate program(s). It should include remaining requirements for all majors and minors.
  • Stat-MS program statement of interest (1/2-1 page max)
    • This document should reflect your desire to pursue a graduate degree in either the Stat-MS or Analytics Stat-MS program at Illinois
  • Non-STAT Academic Advisor letter of verification
    • Students pursuing any majors other than or in addition to Statistics and Statistcs & Computer Science are required to provide a verification letter from an academic advisor in each non-Stat major confirming that all degree requirements will be met without the use of the proposed graduate courses intended for later use towards the STAT-MS.

Please send any questions about the initiative to