The Graduate Minor in Statistics is designed for doctoral students pursuing degrees in other fields who wish to enhance their statistical knowledge and credentials. Students within the major cannot minor in the same program. The Minor is taken in conjunction with, and is intended to complement the student's work in their primary discipline.

Admission to the minor requires an application to the Department and admission to a PhD program (MS track to PhD cannot apply until they are in the PhD program) in another field at the University of Illinois. Applications for the Minor are submitted upon completion of the required courses. Approval is contingent on having grade point average of 3.0 or better in the Minor.

A total of three courses, constituting 12 graduate credit hours, are required for the minor in Statistics degree. At least 8 credit hours must be taken at the 500 level. No course substitutions are allowed.

4 Credit Hours in Statistics at the 400 level from approved departmental list 4
8 Credit Hours in Statistics at the 500 level from approved departmental list 8
Total Hours 12


Approved list of courses

Approved 400 level courses* - choose 1 (4 graduate hours):

STAT 424 (Analysis of Variance), STAT 425 (Statistical Modeling I), STAT 426 (Statistical Modeling II), STAT 428 (Statistical Computing), STAT 429 (Time Series Analysis), STAT 430 (Topics in Applied Statistics), STAT 431 (Applied Bayesian Analysis), STAT 432 (Basics of Statistical Learning), STAT 433 (Stochastic Processes), STAT 434 (Survival Analysis), STAT 437 (Unsupervised Learning), STAT 440 (Statistical Data Management), STAT 443 (Professional Statistics), STAT 447 (Data Science Programming Methods) STAT 448 (Advanced Data Analysis), STAT 480 (Big Data Analytics)

Approved 500 level courses - choose 2 (8 graduate hours):

STAT 510 (Mathematical Statistics), STAT 511 (Advanced Mathematical Statistics), STAT 525 (Computational Statistics), STAT 527 (Advanced Regression Analysis), STAT 528 (Advanced Regression Analysis II), STAT 533 (Advanced Stochastic Processes), STAT 530 (Bioinformatics), STAT 542 (Statistical Learning), STAT 545 (Spatial Statistics), STAT 546 (Machine Learning in Data Science), STAT 551 (Theory of Probability I), STAT 552 (Theory of Probability II), STAT 553 (Probability and Measure I), STAT 554 (Probability and Measure II), STAT 555 (Applied Stochastic Processes), STAT 556 (Advanced Time Series Analysis), STAT 558 (Risk Modeling and Analysis), STAT 571 (Multivariate Analysis), STAT 575 (Large Sample Theory), STAT 576 (Empirical Process Theory and Weak Convergence), STAT 578 (Topics In Statistics), STAT 587 (Hierarchical Linear Models), STAT 588 (Covariance Structures and Factor Models)

*In 400 level courses, be sure to register for the graduate section for 4 credit hours, not the undergraduate section if there is one.

Application to Graduate Minor in Statistics

Candidates for the Graduate Minor in Statistics should not submit an application until all requirements outlined above have been met. Once the requirements have been met, candidates may submit an application through the following link: Graduate Minor in Statistics Application