MS to PhD Transfer

Changing from Master's to PhD Program

Students in the Master's degree program who wish to enter the PhD program can apply through the regular admission process or through the MS to PhD Transfer program.

Applications submitted through the regular admission process will be reviewed during the traditional admission periods of the PhD program. Applications to the PhD program are due December 15 of each year for the following fall term.

For the MS to PhD Transfer program, current MS students who meet the eligibility requirements outlined below may apply for the transfer during the review period, which will be a 2–3 week period each May–June. Details will be emailed out to students shortly after the end of the spring semester and final grades have been reported. The PhD Admission Committee will review all applicants with decisions made in mid-June. Further details will be emailed out each year.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Overall accumulative GPA of 3.85 or higher for the entirety of your University of Illinois MS study, including the prior semester of applying.
  2. Successfully completed a minimum of 3 STAT 500-level courses with a final grade of an 'A' or higher.
  3. Must be a current MS student at the time of applying for the transfer program. MS students who graduate in May prior to the transfer application period are ineligible and should apply to the PhD program through the traditional application system.

There is no application fee for the MS to PhD Transfer program.

Application materials submitted with your MS application will be used to evaluate your request to transfer to the PhD program. You will be permitted to supply additional and updated materials at the time of applying for the transfer program.