If you would like to register for STAT 593, please send an email with the following information to stat-ms@illinois.edu (Masters students) or xshao@illinois.edu (PhD students):

  • Full legal name
  • NetID
  • UIN
  • Current program (MS or PhD)
  • Semester of entry into program
  • Semester of anticipated graduation
  • Desired semester of registration
  • Desired hours of registration (See details below.)
  • Attached offer letter
  • Brief description of job (If not written into offer letter): should be official document details job duties. (e.g. job posting)
  • Expected hours of work per week (if not written into offer letter): e.g. 5 hours/week, 10 hours/week, etc. or an anticipated range

This information will be reviewed. You will receive a follow-up email with approval status and registration instructions.

Eligibility: For an internship to be eligible for STAT 593, it must be closely related to the field of statistics. Broadly speaking, the internship should involve working with data. Additionally, you must be a Statistics student in a graduate program.

Hours of registration: You may elect to register for 0 or 4 hours. This may have impacts on full-time status and tuition. During Fall and Spring semesters, 4 hours is most often selected. In Summer, 0 hours is used for reduced tuition purposes.

CPT: If you are an international student, you should verify with ISSS if you need CPT for your internship. You should do so ASAP.

Course requirements: If taken for 0 hours, the only course requirements are maintaining an internship, and a brief evaluation from your supervisor at the end of the term. If taken for 4 hours, there will be two additional requirements: a mid-semester and end-of-semester report. Details will be provided on Canvas.

Graduation requirements: At most 4 hours of STAT 593 may count towards graduate requirements.