Rachel Koloms ('11, '12) - Senior Manager - Analytics, Insights, & Reporting, Nordstrom


In the months leading up to the completion of my undergraduate degree in statistics from the University of Illinois, I was faced with a decision regarding my future. Having had an exceptional group of professors and an amazing cohort of students to work with and learn from, I realized that the U of I still had so much to offer in regards to higher education. I decided to continue my education at the U of I and pursue a master's degree in Statistics. Upon acceptance to the program, I interviewed for a graduate internship with State Farm Insurance, referred to as the MAGNet (Modeling and Analytics Graduate Network) program. This internship allowed me to gain real business and statistical modeling exposure while obtaining my degree. Following the completion of my graduate degree, I accepted a full-time position at the State Farm corporate offices in Bloomington, IL, constructing statistical models in the efforts of detecting fraudulent insurance claims that may otherwise be paid out by the claimant's insurance policy.

Originally from the Chicago-land area, after a collective 4 years at State farm, I decided I was ready to return home. I began working in the marketing analytics space, gaining experience both on the consulting side as well as the client side. After four years of working in the traditional CPG space, I was presented with an exciting opportunity working on the Advanced Analytics team at MolsonCoors. Through my current role with MolsonCoors I have worked on a variety of projects, from A/B testing, product assortment, segmentation and chain-store analysis.

I am very passionate in my belief that data is the best and most reliable measure of how consumers act and will act in the future. Relying on empirical data as opposed to survey data and after-the fact testimonials is the key to successful business decisions. Statistics is a very powerful tool, and when wielded correctly, can be the fuel empowering successful organizations.


'11 - B.S. Statistics; Minor in Business
'12 - M.S. Statistics