Stat Chat hosts Ketki Joshi

Professor Kinson gives opening remarks
Professor Kinson gives opening remarks

The Statistics Department hosted Ketki Joshi for our inaugural Stat Chat at the Campus Instructional Facility on Monday, March 28, 2022. The Stat Chat series is designed to give students a better idea of what the Statistics major encompasses and what kinds of jobs they might be able to get post-graduation. The talks also bring in our alumni currently working in various fields to discuss how they utilize the skills they developed here in our undergraduate or graduate programs in their daily work life.

Professor Chris Kinson, mastermind of the Stat Chat series, gave a few opening remarks.

Ketki Joshi – (Statistics, Economics, Spanish, ’21) is an Analytics and Insights Manager at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio. She gave a short presentation about why she loves working at P&G, naming  their commitment to diversity as one of the main benefits. She also enjoys the freedom to choose which projects she gets to work on. She said that in addition to the required courses such as STAT 425 and 426 she found STAT 440 - Statistical Data Management, taught by Professor Kinson, to be the most useful to her when she is strategizing with her team about how to solve a problem. Ketki was also kind enough to bring some Procter and Gamble products for everyone to sample.

The Statistics Department hopes to host a few Stat Chat sessions each semester. Please stay tuned for future installments!