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Sanmi Koyejo

Affiliate Professor

Additional Campus Affiliations

Adjunct Associate Professor, Computer Science

Recent Publications

Alabdulmohsin, I., Chiou, N., D'Amour, A., Gretton, A., Koyejo, S., Kusner, M. J., Pfohl, S. R., Salaudeen, O., Schrouff, J., & Tsai, K. (2023). Adapting to Latent Subgroup Shifts via Concepts and Proxies. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 206, 9637-9661.

Cisneros-Velarde, P., & Koyejo, S. (2023). Finite-sample Guarantees for Nash Q-learning with Linear Function Approximation. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 216, 424-432.

Cisneros-Velarde, P., Lyu, B., Koyejo, S., & Kolar, M. (2023). One Policy is Enough: Parallel Exploration with a Single Policy is Near-Optimal for Reward-Free Reinforcement Learning. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 206, 1965-2001.

Drukker, K., Chen, W., Gichoya, J., Gruszauskas, N., Kalpathy-Cramer, J., Koyejo, S., Myers, K., Sá, R. C., Sahiner, B., Whitney, H., Zhang, Z., & Giger, M. (2023). Toward fairness in artificial intelligence for medical image analysis: Identification and mitigation of potential biases in the roadmap from data collection to model deployment. Journal of Medical Imaging, 10(6), Article 061104.

Lyu, B., Feng, Z., Robertson, Z., & Koyejo, S. (2023). Pairwise Ranking Losses of Click-Through Rates Prediction for Welfare Maximization in Ad Auctions. Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, 202, 23239-23263.

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