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Anil K. Bera

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Contact Information

225E DKH
1407 W Gregory Dr
M/C 707
Urbana, IL 61801

Additional Campus Affiliations

Professor, Economics
Professor, Finance
Professor, Agricultural and Consumer Economics
Professor, Statistics

Recent Publications

Koley, M., & Bera, A. K. (2024). To use, or not to use the spatial Durbin model?–that is the question. Spatial Economic Analysis, 19(1), 30-56.

Bera, A. K., & Koley, M. (2023). A History of the Delta Method and Some New Results. Sankhya B, 85(2), 272-306.

Bera, A. K., Doğan, O., & Taşpinar, S. (2023). A new test for non-linear hypotheses under distributional and local parametric misspecification. Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics, 27(5), 669-685.

Kim, S., & Bera, A. K. (2023). Scalar Measures of Volatility and Dependence for the Multivariate Models with Applications to Asian Financial Markets. Journal of Risk and Financial Management, 16(4), Article 212.

Agiakloglou, C., Bera, A., & Deligiannakis, E. (2022). Evaluating measures of dependence for linearly generated nonlinear time series along with spurious correlation. Journal of Economics and Finance, 46(3), 535-552.

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