Student Financial Aid

Financial Support - Undergraduate StudentsFemale student sitting on the Main Quad in front of Foellinger Auditorium in early fall.

Please see the Office of Student Financial Aid for more information.

Financial Support – MS: Statistics Students

The Department of Statistics does not offer financial support to MS students. However, students are eligible to accept an assistantship with another department if one is offered. MS students are encouraged to contact the department they desire to work with directly to seek information about available assistantships. The Statistics Department does not keep a database on available assistantships across campus nor does the department know of the application processes. Some departments do post their available assistantships to the Graduate College’s Assistantship Clearinghouse .

Students are also eligible to apply for hourly grader positions. This position does not come with a tuition waiver. Student graders are expected to work no more than 20 hours a week and are responsible for reporting their hours for their course instructor approval.

Domestic students admitted to the Department of Statistics are eligible for an opportunity at the State Farm Research Center. Admitted MS students in our program who are interested in careers in the financial and insurance industries will be given the opportunity to apply and compete for the State Farm Research Center's Modeling and Analytics Graduate Network (MAGNet) program. Please consult with the Director of the MS program for further details. Successful applicants will be able to start their professional careers with tuition support for the MS degree and concurrent employment at the State Farm Research and Development Center , which is located in the University of Illinois Research Park . State Farm is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The Department of Statistics at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign administers the Graduate Opportunities in Statistics Scholarship program with the aim of increasing the enrollment of outstanding students from populations that are underrepresented in graduate studies in Statistics. There will be a limited number of awards granted each academic year, and all students from these populations who apply for the MS in Statistics and the MS in Statistics with concentration in analytics are considered for this award, and no separate application is required. Thus, deadlines for applying for the scholarship are the same as the deadlines for applying for admission.

Financial Support – PhD Students

PhD applicants in Statistics are automatically considered for a tuition-waiver-generating assistantship. Departmental teaching and research assistantship support is available on a competitive basis. Applicants to the PhD program will be automatically considered for financial support as part of the evaluation unless they indicate in the application that they do not wish to be considered for support. Tuition and fees are waived for students with at least quarter-time assistantship support, except for approximately $1,150 of annual fees.

The Department of Statistics offers teaching and research assistantships.

Teaching Assistant: The student will grade homework and exams, work in the computer lab tutoring introductory statistics students and/or more advanced undergraduates taking statistics courses. After the student has attended the Graduate Academy he/she may teach a stand-alone section of Statistics 100 or 200, or discussion sections of Statistics 400.

Research Assistant: Advanced students often receive research assistantships working with one of the professors, typically closely related to their thesis topics. The duties of this assistantship include analyzing data, performing literature reviews, statistical computing and research methodology. In addition, students who have successfully completed Statistics 427, Statistical Consulting, are eligible for assistantships in the Illinois Statistics Office. These appointments give students experience with statistical consulting and applied research projects such as designing experiments, constructing survey plans, analyzing data, developing theoretical and empirical models, using computers for statistical computations, and preparing statistical sections of research proposals. Clients include members of the university community, government, and industry.