Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients


Name Year Occupation & Employer Advisor Dissertation Title
Barbehenn, Alton 2023   Sihai Dave Zhao Problems in large-scale estimation

Campos, Mauricio

Chaudhuri, Anamitra 2023 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of statistics, Texas A&M University Georgios Fellouris Sequential multiple testing and quickest change detection for dependent data streams
Chen, Yifan 2023 Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University Yun Yang Efficient Approximation of Matrix-Intensive Computations via Subsampling Sketches
Qu, Tianyi 2023      
Tang, Rong 2023 Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Yun Yang Some Advances in Bayesian Inference and Generative Modeling
Wang, Mengchen 2023 Machine Learning Engineer, Nextdoor Bo Li & Trevor Harris Changepoint Detection and Estimation for Spatially Indexed Functional Time Series
Warner, Austin 2023      
Xing, Yiming 2023   Georgios Fellouris Topics in Sequential Hypothesis Testing
Yu, Albert 2023      
Cui, Xiang 2022 Applied Scientist,
Yuguo Chen &
Alexandra Chronopoulou
Inferring influence in dynamic networks and multiple sampling for estimation of fractional Brownian motion
Formentini, Sarah 2022

Statistical Scientist, Crop Science,

 Ruoqing Zhu Survival random forests: quantifying uncertainties and other extensions
Han, Wei 2022 ,    
Li, Ke 2022 Research Scientist,
Naveen Narisetty & 
Yun Yang
Topics in High-Dimensional Linear Bandits and Approximate Bayesian Sampling
Loyal, Joshua 2022 Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics,
Florida State University
Yuguo Chen &
Ruoqing Zhu
Dimension Reduction Methods for Quantifying Local Variable Importance and the Statistical Analysis of Network Data
Tu, Robin 2022   Dave Zhao  Methylation and High Dimensional Data Integration
Xin, Huiqin 2022 Research Scientist,
Dave Zhao Simultaneous Multiparameter Estimation
Zhang, Yangfan 2022   Xiaofeng Shao & Yun Yang Statistical inference in high dimensional data and machine learning
Zhou, Wenzhuo 2022 ,    
Deng, Yujia 2021 Software Engineer,
Annie Qu Spatial correlation tensor and query-augmented active clustering
Harris, Trevor 2021 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
Bo Li Functional data methods for climatological processes
Li, Yutong 2021 Principal Biostatistician,
Statistical Analytics and Methodologies
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Ruoqing Zhu Machine learning methodologies for high dimensional biomedical & bioinformatics applications
Liu, Yan 2021 Research Scientist,
Yuguo Chen Statistical inference for complex networks
Sass, Danielle 2021 Assistant Professor of Instruction in Statistics,
Department of Statistics
Northwestern University
Bo Li Spatio-temporal data modeling with applications to weather and disease
Wang, Yihe 2021 Research Scientist,
Sihai Dave Zhao Simultaneous estimation approaches to large-scale multivariate regression
Wu, Teng 2021 Data Scientist,
Xiaofeng Shao
Naveen Narisetty
Change point detection for high dimensional data and valid inference for Bayesian linear models
Yun, Sooin 2021 Visiting Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Li Bo Evaluation of the difference between two spatiotemporal random fields
Zhou, Ruixuan 2021 Data Scientist,
Sihai Dave Zhao Problems in high-dimensional mediation analysis

Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients


Name Year Occupation & Employer Advisor Dissertation Title
Chen, Yinyin 2020 Research Scientist,
Feng Liang
Yun Yang
Identifiability for latent class models
Wang, Runmin 2020 Assistant Professor,
Southern Methodist University Department of Statistics
Xiaofeng Shao Statistical inference for high-dimensional data via U-statistcs
Yang, Xinming 2020 Research Scientist,
Naveen Narisetty Bayesian high dimensional modeling with group structures
Yin, Wenjing 2020 Data Scientist II,
San Francisco, CA
Feng Liang
Naveen Narisetty
Bayesian variable selection in high dimensional censored regression models
Yu, Mengjia 2020 Senior Statistician,
Chicago, IL
Xiaohui Chen High-dimensional change point detection for mean and location parameters
Yuan, Yubai 2020 Postdoc Researcher,
Department of Statistics
University of California-Irvine
Annie Qu Approximate likelihood for dependent networks and hyperlink predictions
Zhu, Changbo 2020 Assistant Professor,
University of Notre Dame
Xiaofeng Shao Statistical inference for high-dimensional data
Biscarri, William 2019 Quantitative Researcher,
J.P. Morgan
Sihai Dave Zhao
Robert Brunner
Statistical methods for binomial and Gaussian sequences
Gan, Lingrui 2019 Research Scientist,
Feng Liang
Naveen Narisetty
Bayesian regularization for graphical models and variants: Theory and algorithms
Man, Albert 2019 Advisor - Statistics,
Eli Lilly and Company
Steven Culpepper A mode-jumping algorithm for exploratory factor analysis with continuous and binary responses
Nute, Michael 2019 Independent Consultant
Postdoctoral Researcher
Rice University
Tandy Warnow Statistical estimation problems in phylogenomics and applications in microbial ecology
Song, Yanglei 2019 Assistant Professor,
Queen's University
Georgios Fellouris Some topics in sequential analysis
Su, Xiao 2019 Applied Scientist,
Yuguo Chen Variational approximation for importance sampling and statistical inference on social influence
Xue, Fei 2019 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
Purdue University
Annie Qu Variable selection for high-dimensional complex data
Fredrickson, Mark 2018 Lecturer,
Department of Statistics
University of Michigan
Yuguo Chen
Jake Bowers
Causal inference for complex data: randomization inference for treatment effect heterogeneity, network outcomes, and subgroup specific effects
He, Yifeng 2018 Associate Director, Biostatistics,
Blueprint Medicines
Xiaohui Chen Inference of high-dimensional linear models with time-varying coefficients
Ouyang, Yunbo 2018 Staff Software Engineer, Machine Learning,
Feng Liang Scalable sparsity structure learning using Bayesian methods
Yang, Fan 2018 Applied Scientist,
Yuguo Chen
Liming Feng
Statistical inference based on characteristic functions for intractable likelihood problems
Chen, Yinghan 2017 Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Nevada, Reno
Yuguo Chen Sampling for network motif detection and estimation of Q-matrix and learning trajectories in DINA modelSampling for network motif detection and estimation of Q-matrix and learning trajectories in DINA model
Hu, Jianjun 2017 Software Engineer, Machine Learning,
Feng Liang Statistical methods for learning sparse features
Huang, Weihong 2017 Data Scientist,
Yuguo Chen Statistical algorithms using multisets and statistical inference of heterogeneous networks
Huang, Xichen 2017 Software Engineer,
Feng Liang Fast algorithms for Bayesian variable selection
Kinson, Christopher 2017 Teaching Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Illinois
Annie Qu Longitudinal principal components analysis for binary and continuous data
Lee, Chung Eun 2017 Associate Professor,
Department of Information Systems and Statistics
City University of New York
Xiaofeng Shao Statistical inference of multivariate time series and functional data using new dependence metrics
Park, Yeon Joo 2017 Assistant Professor,
Department of Management Science and Statistics
University of Texas at San Antonio
Doug Simpson Effect size estimation and robust classification for irregularly sampled functional data
Paul, Subhadeep 2017 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
The Ohio State University 
Yuguo Chen Consistent community detection in uni-layer and multi-layer networks
Shand, Lyndsay 2017 R&D Statistician,
Sandia National
Bo Li Methods and applications for space-time data
Tang, Xiwei 2017 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Virginia
Annie Qu Individualized learning and integration for multi-modality data
Yao, Shun 2017 Quantitative Researcher,
New York City, NY
Xiaofeng Shao Dependence testing in high dimension
Ye, Sangbeak 2017 Assistant Professor,
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Jeff Douglas Sequential mastery detection and Bayesian learning promotion under cognitive diagnosis models
Zhu, Xiaolu 2017 Manager, Research Science,
Annie Qu Heterogeneity modeling and longitudinal clustering
Bi, Xuan 2016 Assistant Professor,
Carlson School of Management University of Minnesota
Annie Qu Dimension reduction and efficient recommender system for large-scale complex data
Eisinger, Robert 2016 Visiting Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics, Statistics, & Computer Science,
St. Olaf College
Yuguo Chen Sampling for conditional inference on contingency tables, multigraphs, and high dimensional tables
Sengupta, Srijan 2016 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
Virginia Tech
Yuguo Chen Statistical analysis of networks with community structure and bootstrap methods for big data
Wang, Jin 2016 Data Scientist,
Feng Liang Scalable algorithms for Bayesian variable selection
Wang, Shiyu 2016 Assistant Professor,
Educational Psychology
University of Georgia
Jeff Douglas Some theoretical and applied developments to support cognitive learning and adaptive testing
Shi, PeiBei 2015 Research Scientist,
Annie Qu Weak signal identification and inference in penalized model selection
Choi, Seokwoo 2014 Visiting Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Michigan Technological University
Stephen Portnoy Quantile autoregression with censored data
Dalpiaz, David 2014 Teaching Assistant
Department of Statistics
University of Illinois
Ping Ma Statistical methods for modeling RNA-Seq short-read data
Gan, Lu 2014 Data Scientist,
JDA Software Group, Inc
Stephen Portnoy
Doug Simpson
Variable screening and model selection in censored quantile regression via sparse penalties and stepwise refinement
Rho, Yeonwoo 2014 Associate
Department of Mathematical Sciences
Michigan Technological University
Xiaofeng Shao Inference of time series regression models with weakly dependent error
Shu, Xinxin 2014 Senior Biostatistician,
Annie Qu Time-varying networks estimation and Chinese words segmentation
Zhang, Emma Jingfei 2014 Associate Professor,
Management Science, School of Business Administration
University of Miami
Yuguo Chen Statistical inference on network data
Cho, Hyun Keun (Ryan) 2013 Assistant Professor,
Department of Biostatistics
University of Iowa
Annie Qu Model selection for correlated data and moment selection from high-dimensional moment conditions
Li, Bin 2013 Staff Data Scientist,
Annie Qu Statistical models with diverging dimensionality
Liu, Yufei (Jeffrey) 2013 Technology Associate,
Thomson Reuters
Feng Liang Statistical modeling of heterogeneous data
Zhang, Xianyang 2013 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics
Texas A&M University
Xiaofeng Shao Statistical inference for dependent data
Bawawana, Bavwidinsi 2012 Mathematical Statistician,
U.S. Census Bureau
Stephen Portnoy Nonparametric testing for random effects in mixed effects models based on the piecewise linear interpolate of the log characteristic function
Chen, Gang 2012 Software Development Engineer,
Palo Alto, CA
Douglas Simpson Image classification and feature selection
Condon, Erin 2012 Senior Director, Product R&D,
Chicago, IL
Xuming He Varying Coefficients in Logistic Regression with Applications to Marketing Research
Cui, Na 2012 Director,
Biostatistics at CStone Pharmaceuticals
Yuguo Chen & Feng Liang Contributions to modeling parasite dynamics and dimension reduction
Yun, Jong Hyun 2012 Data Scientist,
Institute of Statistical Data Science
Mansfield, TX
Yuguo Chen Ensemble filtering for state space models
Feng, Yang 2011 Staff Data Scientist,
Yuguo Chen Bayesian quantile linear regression
Wang, Peng 2011 Assistant Professor,
University of Cincinnati
Annie Qu Mixed Effects Modeling and Correlation Structure Selection for High Dimensional Correlated Data
Xia, Jing 2011 Statistical Research Associate,
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Seattle, WA
Michelle Wang Statistical methods for fMRI data analysis
Xu, Jianfeng 2011 CEO,
Shanghai Hongpu Information and Technology Company
Feng Liang Bayesian Latent Class Models
Yang, Yunwen 2011 Data Science Manager,
The Trade Desk
Ventura, CA
Xuming He Bayesian empirical likelihood for quantile regression


Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients


Name Year Occupation & Employer Advisor Dissertation Title
Fan, Zhewen 2010 Senior Manager in Data Science and Machine Learning,
San Diego, CA
Jeffrey Douglas
Xiaofeng Shao
Statistical issues and developments in time series analysis and educational measurement
He, Zhi 2010 Quantitative Analyst,
Douglas Simpson Semiparametric Inference
Hsu, Ya-Hui (Kate) 2010 Associate Director, Biostatistics,
Horizon Therapeutics
Xuming He Applications of quantile regression to estimation and detection of some tail characteristics
Kim, Ji Young 2010 Principal Statistician,
Merck Pharmaceutical
Xuming He Robust methods for analyzing multivariate responses with application to time-course data
Yang, Ji Yeon 2010 Assistant Professor ,
Kumoh National Institute of Technology, Korea
Xuming He Statistical modeling of protein lysate array data
Feng, Xingdong 2009 Associate Professor School of Statistics and Management,
School of Statistics and Management
Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Xuming He Dimensionality of Data Matrices With Applications to Gene Expression Profiles
Hong, Feng 2009 Associate Director,
Cambridge, MA
Xuming He Contributions to Statistical Problems Related to Microarray Data
Lin, Guixian 2009 Principal Statistician,
Xuming He
Stephen Portnoy
Quantile Regression With Censored Data
Hong, Hyokyoung (Grace) 2008 Assistant Professor,
Department of Statistics and Probability
Michigan State University
Xuming He Prediction of Conditional Quantiles in Ordinal Regression With Applications to Aging Research
Huebner, Alan 2008 Associate Teaching Professor,
Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
University of Notre Dame
Douglas Simpson Modeling Correlated Ordinal Data: Marginal and Conditional Approaches
Li, Di 2007 Associate Director, Biostatistics,
Eisai Co. Ltd.
Xuming He Markov Chain Marginal Bootstrap for Generalized Estimating Equations
Liu, Heng 2007 Senior Quantitative Analyst,
Google Inc,
Douglas Simpson Bicriterion Clustering and Selecting the Optimal Number of Clusters via Agreement Measure
Gao, Bing 2006 Biostatistician,
Hernando Ombao Clustering Analysis for Non-Stationary Time Series
Li, Xiaodong 2006 Biostatistician,
Jeffrey Douglas Methods and Theory for Joint Estimation of Incidental and Structural Parameters in Latent Class Models
Noe, Doug 2006 Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Miami University
Xuming He Partially Bayesian Variable Selection in Classification Trees
Wang, Huixia (Judy) 2006 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
George Washington University
Xuming He Inference on Quantile Regression for Mixed Models With Applications to GeneChip Data
Yang, Yan 2006 VP, Quantitative Analysis,
Bank of America
Douglas Simpson Marginal Mixture Analysis of Correlated Bounded -Response Data
Choi, Hyunyoung 2005 Director, Data Science,
Hernando Ombao Topics in Nonstationary Time Series
Mu, Yunming 2005 Biostatistician,
Xuming He Power Transformation Towards Linear or Partially Linear Quantile Regression Models
Neocleous, Tereza 2005 Senior Lecturer,
Department of Statistics
University of Glasgow
Stephen Portnoy A Partly Linear Model for Censored Regression Quantiles
Zhou, Jianhui 2005 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Virginia
Xuming He Robust and Constrained Dimension Reduction
Zhou, Tianyue 2005 Director of Biostatistics,
Xuming He Linear Mixed Models With Non-Normal Distributions
Georgescu, Constantin 2004 , Stephen Portnoy Finite Population Quantile Estimators
Wei, Ying 2004 Vice Chair of Research,
Department of Biostatistics
Columbia University
Xuming He Longitudinal Growth Charts Based on Semi-Parametric Quantile Regression
Xu, Xueli 2004 ,
Educational Testing Services (ETS)
Jeffrey Douglas Computerized Adaptive Testing and Equating Methods With Nonparametric IRT Models
Lin, Nan 2003 Professor,
Department of Mathematics
Washington University, St. Louis, MO.
Xuming He Three Statistical Problems With Imprecisely or Incompletely Observed Data
Kim, Mi-Ok 2003 , Xuming He Quantile Regression in a Varying Coefficient Model
Kocherginsky, Maria 2003 , Xuming He Extensions of Markov Chain Marginal Bootstrap
Hartz, Sarah 2002 Associate Professor,
Department of Psychiatry
Washington University School of Medicine
William Stout A Bayesian Framework for the Unified Model for Assessing Cognitive Abilities: Blending Theory With Practicality
No 2001 Degree Recipients



Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients


Name Year Occupation & Employer Advsor Dissertations
Froelich, Amy Goodwin 2000 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
Iowa State University
William Stout Assessing Unidimensionality of Test Items and Some Asymptotics of Parametric Item Response Theory
Fu, Limin 2000 Director, Prepayment and Credit Risk Modeling,
Indymac Bank
Douglas Simpson Unified Ordinal Regression: Model Assessment and Semiparametric Analysis
Galfalvy, Hanga 2000 Associate Professor of Biostatistics,
Columbia University
Douglas Simpson Censored Regression Models With Applications to Infrastructure Degradation Studies
Liu, Li 2000 Biometrics and Data Management,
Xuming He Building a Nonparametric Model After Dimension Reduction
Trachtenberg, Felicia Lynn 2000 Statistician,
New England Research Institute
Xuming He Contributions to Estimation in Item Response Theory
Gao, Yonghong 1999 Staff Fellow,
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
John Marden Rank-Based Procedures for Some Multivariate Problems
Habing, Brian 1998 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of South Carolina
William Stout Some Issues in Weak Local Independence in Item Response Theory
Gao, Furong 1997 ,
CTB/McGraw Hill
William Stout DIMTEST Enhancements and Some Parametric IRT Asymptotics
Chen, Huann-Sheng 1996 Mathematical Statistician and Program Director,
Statistical Methodology and Applications Branch
National Cancer Institute
Douglas Simpson Estimation in random field models for noisy spatial data
Ge, Nanxiang (Sean) 1996 Senior Director, Biostatistics,
Daiichi Sankyo Pharma Development
Douglas Simpson Contributions to classification and calibration with high-dimensional data
Jiang, Hai 1996 Senior Director, Biostatistics,
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. 
William Stout Applications of computational statistics in cognitive diagnosis and IRT modeling
Tsukahara, Hideatsu 1996 Professor,
Department of Economics
Seijo University, Tokyo
Ditlev Monrad Weak convergence and the prediction process
Wu, Hongsheng 1996 ,
Health Decisions, Inc
William Stout Some issues in item response theory
Xie, Minge 1996 Professor,
Department of Statistics
Rutgers University
Douglas Simpson Regression modeling: Latent structure, theories and algorithms
Zhang, Jinming 1996 Professor,
Department of Educational Psychology, Statistics
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
William Stout Some fundamental issues in item response theory with applications
Choi, Kyungmee 1995 ,
College of Science and Technology
Hongik University, Jochiwon, Korea
John Marden Nonparametric multivariate multisample tests of the location problem and multivariate regression based on directions of data
Jeffrey, Douglas 1995 Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
William Stout Theory and applications of nonparametric regression in item response theory
Li, Hsin-Hung 1995 Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics
National Chunghua University of Education, Chunghua, Taiwan
William Stout New nonparametric statistical procedures for analyzing bias/DIF and dimensionality in item response data
Xu, Yi 1995 ,
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Adam Martinsek Sequential confidence bands for densities
Zhao, Quanshui 1995 Director,
Stephen Portnoy Estimation and inference for conditionally heteroscedastic models
Zhou, Kenneth Qing 1995 , Stephen Portnoy Quantile regression and survival analysis
Kim, Hae-Rim 1994 , William Stout New techniques for the dimensionality assessment of standardized test data
Kundu, Subrata 1994 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
George Washington University
Adam Martinsek Some topics in sequential density estimation
Shen, Liji 1994 Director,
Stephen Portnoy Some topics on robust nonparametric regression and regression quantiles
Raghavan, Nandini 1993 Pharmaceutical Research and Development,
Johnson & Johnson
Dennis Cox Bayesian Inference in Nonparametric Logistic Regression
Lai, Kunjung 1993 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
Feng-Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan
Ziliang Ying On Logistic Regression Approach to Survival Data and Power Divergence Statistics for Life Tables
Muyot, Maria 1993 , John Marden The use of rank tests in analysis of variance
Huang, Bidan 1992 Director, Immunology,
Jerome Sacks Design, estimation, and prediction of computer experiments with applications to spatial data
Chang, Hua-Hua 1992 Charles R. Hicks Chair Professor, Professor of Statistics,
Educational Psychology & Research Methodology
Purdue University
William Stout Some theoretical and applied results concerning item response theory model estimation
Amarasinghe, Upali 1991 ,
International Water Management Institute
Dennis Cox Comparison of several curves in the context of nonparametric regression
Chang, Yuan-Chin (Ivan) 1991 Associate Research Fellow,
Institute of Statistical Science
Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Adam Martinsek Some sequential estimation problems in logistic regression models
Chang, Yue-Fang 1991 , Dennis Cox Recursive methods for statistical prediction with applications
Park, Jeong-Soo 1991 ,
Department of Statistics, Info-Telecomm Research Institute
Chonnam National University, Kwangju, South Korea
Dennis Cox Tuning complex computer codes to data and optimal designs


Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients

1985-1990 The Department of Statistics was officially founded in 1985

Name Year Occupation & Employer Advisor Dissertation Title
Guo, Sha-Lin 1990 ,
Ta Hwa Institute of Technology
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Douglas Simpson Inferences on high-dimensional data
Kim, Tae Yoon 1990 Professor,
Department of Statistics
Keimyung University, Taegu, Korea
Dennis Cox Optimal bandwidth selection rule for kernel regression estimator with dependent variables
Lee, Albert Fu-Yuan 1990 Senior Statistician,
Cerner Health Insights, Cerner Corporation
John Marden Complete classes of two-stage estimation procedures for certain finite sample problems
Navarro, Mercidita 1990 Senior Statistician,
Roche Global Development
Adam Martinsek Sequential estimation of quantiles and adaptive sequential estimation of location and scale parameters
Sheu, Chyong-Hwa 1990 ,
Department of Mathematics
Harold Washington College
Andrew Barron Density estimation with Kullback-Leibler loss
Abu-Dayyeh, Walid Ahmad 1989 , John Marden Bahadur exact slope, Pitman efficiency, and local power for combining independent tests
Chung, Lyinn 1989 Associate Professor,
Department of Statistics
National Taipei University, Taipei, Taiwan
John Marden The use of nonnull models for ranks in nonparametric statistics
Clarke, Bertrand 1989 Professor and Chair,
Department of Statistics
University of Nebraska
Andrew Barron Asymptotic cumulative risk and Bayes risk under entropy loss, with applications
He, Xuming 1989 Professor,
Department of Statistics
University of Michigan
Stephen Portnoy Contributions to the theory of statistical breakdown
Shealy, Robin Todd 1989 , William Stout An item response theory-based statistical procedure for detecting concurrent internal bias in ability tests
Thompson, Peter 1989 Associate Professor,
Department of Mathematics & Computer Science
Wabash College
John Marden Admissibility ofp-value rules
Chen, Lin-An 1988 Professor,
Institute of Statistics
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Junker, Brian 1988 Professor,
Department of Statistics
Carnegie Mellon University
William Stout Statistical Aspects of a New Latent Trait Model
Kim, Sung Lai 1987 , Robert Wijsman Sequential Confidence Sets With Beta-Protection in the Presence of Nuisance Parameters
Shu, Wun-Yi 1987 Associate Professor,
Institute of Statistical Science
National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
Adam Martinsek Limit Theorems for Processes and Stopping Rules in Adaptive Sequential Estimation
Zakeri, Issa F. 1987 Professor,
Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Drexel University
Robert Awijsmon Sequential Confidence Sets With Guaranteed Coverage Probability and Beta-Protection in Multiparameter Families
Al-Rawwash, Hussein Moh'd 1986 , John Marden Improving Inadmissible Hypothesis Testing Procedures in Exponential Family Statistical Models (Lrt, Pointwise Compactness, One-Sided Alternatives)
Juhlin, Kenton 1985 Principal Scientist,
Biometrics and Statistical Sciences
Proctor & Gamble
Robert Wijsman Sequential and Non-Sequential Confidence Intervals With Guaranteed Coverage Probability and Beta-Protection (Estimation, Statistics, Minimaxity)


Statistics Doctoral Degree Recipients

Prior to Department founding in 1985 Please note that the alumni listed below are alumni of the Mathematics Department, however their dissertation work was more closely aligned with the field of statistics, which was a division in the Department of Mathematics at the time. The alumni listed below are honorary alumni of the Statistics Department due to their work and contributions in the field of statistics.

Name Year Occupation & Employer Advisor Dissertation Title

Naiman, Daniel


Johns Hopkins University

Robert Bohrer

Optimal Simultaneous Confidence Bounds in Regression

Hooper, Peter Michael


University of Alberta

Robert Wijsman

Smallest Simultaneous Confidence Sets, Using Sufficiency and Invariance, With Applications to Manova and Gmanova

Ringland, James


Sandia National Laboratories, Lockheed Martin Company (for US Dept. of Energy), Livermore, CA

Stephen Portnoy

Asymptotic Expansions for Studentized M-Estimators With Applications to Multiple Comparisons

Schervish, Mark John


Department of Statistics
Carnegie-Mellon University

Robert Wijsman

Some Results on Classifying an Observation Into One of Several Multivariate Normal Populations With Equal Covariance Matrices

Gaynor, John Anthony


Purdue University

S.S. Jogdeo

Asymptotic Efficiencies of Selection Procedures

Bock, Mary Ellen


Purdue University

Robert Ash

Certain Minimax-Estimators of the Mean of a Multivariate Normal-Distribution

Hensler, Gary Lee


Syracuse University

Jacob Wolfowitz

Jointly Asymptotically Efficient Non-Parametric Estimation of Regression and Scale Parameters

Perng, Shien-Sen


Howard University

Robert Wijsman

Stopping Time of Invariant Sequential Probability Ratio Tests in Multivariate Analysis of Variance

Gordon, Robert David


North Dakota State

S.S. Jogdeo

Monotonicity of the Power of Two-Sample Rank Tests

Abu-Salih, Muhammad Subhi Abdul-Kadir



Robert Wijsman

On Termination With Probability One and Bounds On Sample Size Distribution of Sequential Probability Ratio Tests Where the Underlying Model Is an Exponential Family

Meeden, Glen Dale


University of Minnesota

Colin Blyth

Some Problems in Prediction Theory

Staudte, Robert George, Jr.


Assoc. Prof., Sch. Stat. Sci., La Trobe University, Bundoora, VIC 3083, Australia

Colin Blyth

Invariance Theory and Sequential Estimation

Koehn, Uwe


Department of Statistics
University of Connecticut

Robert Wijsman

Global Cross-Sections and Invariant Measures With Applications to the Densities of Maximal Invariants

Wong, Seok Pin


Professor, Dept. Mathematical Sciences, Memphis SU
Associate Director, Statistical Services, Alcohol and Drug Prevention Research Center, University of Memphis

Robert Wijsman

Asymptotically Optimum Properties of Certain Sequential Tests

Nelson, Wayne Bryce


General Electric Research & Development

Robert Wijsman

Minimax Solution of Statistical Decision Problems by Iteration

Wirjosudirdjo, Sunardi


Institute Teknologi Bandung

Donald Burkholder & 
Robert Wijsman

Limiting Behavior of a Sequence of Density Ratios

Singh, Rajinder



Joseph Doob

Existence of Bounded Length Confidence Intervals

Wasan, Madanial Tilakchand


Assistant Professor
Queen's University

Joseph Doob

Sequential Estimation of a Binomial Parameter

Farrel, Roger Hamlin


Cornell University

Joseph Doob

Sequentially Determined Bounded Length Confidence Intervals

Katz, Morris Wolfe


Wayne State University, MI

Donald Burkholder

Admissible and Minimax Estimates of Parameters in Truncated Spaces

McLemore, Benjamin Henry, Jr.



W.G. Madow

On Test Efficiency Against Normal Alternatives

Fend, Alvin Vincent


Academic Faculty
New Mexico College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts

W.G. Madow

Unbiased Estimation and Admissibility and the Treatment of Ties in the Sign Test

Healy, William Carleton, Jr.



W.G. Madow

Optimum Invariant Estimation

Nicholson, Wesley Lathrop


Pacific Northwest Laboratory

W.G. Madow

Uniform Admissibility and Its Application to Classification Problems

Bey, Douglas Rudolph


Associate Professor
Illinois State University, Normal

W.G. Madow

Modified Discriminant Analysis of School Organizations

Blackwell, David H.


University of California-Berkeley

Joseph Doob

Some properties of Markoff chains