Bibin Mathew ('13) - Product Manager, Snap (Snapchat)


I am a Product Manager for Snap (Snapchat). My team and I focus on the machine learning ad systems to ensure that most relevant ads are shown to each user.

My college education began at Illinois in the statistics department pursuing a degree in statistics & computer science. I always enjoyed Statistics in high school and was intrigued by how math could be used to solve real world problems.

Soon after starting my undergrad degree, I ended up changing my degree from CS & Stats to Stats & Economics. This transition was due to my interest in pursuing statistics in the business world. After graduating from U of I, I worked in a couple analytics focused companies in the Chicago area. In the meantime, I began my masters in Analytics at the University of Chicago.

After graduation, I pursued my goal of being a Data Scientist, at a company (AdRoll) where data science & statistics was no longer being treated as just a support function but was the essence of the foundation that the company was built upon. Executing on multiple projects over time helped me get a holistic view of the core data science product. This experience has allowed my transition from the Data Scientist role to my current role as Product Manager of Machine Learning.

After a few years working at AdRoll, I made a transition to Yelp(one of my favorite products) to focus on improving the company's ad-tech systems for its local businesses. A couple years later, I switched to my current role at Snap.


'13 B.S. Statistics & Economics