STAT 107/CS 107 syllabus is only course represented in time capsule

The groundbreaking legacy of STAT 107/CS 107: Data Science Discovery will be remembered for the ages. The University of Illinois Alumni Association recently revealed the 2024 syllabus for Data Science Discovery as one of ten items to be included in the sesquicentennial time capsule. The chosen items were determined through an online survey of students and alumni. The time capsule will be placed at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center and is scheduled to be opened during the University of Illinois Alumni Association's bicentennial celebration in 2074.

Statistics professor Karle Flanagan has co-taught Data Science Discovery with computer science professor Wade Fagan-Ulmschneider since its inception in the spring of 2019. "It's been amazing to see Data Science DISCOVERY grow from just 18 students in Spring 2019 to over 1,000 students this coming fall. It's such an honor for our syllabus to be included in the Time Capsule," Flanagan remarked on the inclusion in the UIAA's time capsule.

The UIAA description of Data Science Discovery to be included in the time capsule reads: "The University of Illinois currently has 34,000 undergraduate and 19,000 graduate students studying 150+ majors in 15 academic units. Among these, Data Science DISCOVERY (STAT/CS/IS 107) stands out as a pioneering course. It merges statistical inference, computational skills, and real-world relevance, offering hands-on analysis of diverse datasets. This syllabus encapsulates the course's structure, encompassing interactive lectures, labs, and a commitment to social consciousness in data analysis."

Alongside the Data Science Discovery syllabus, the time capsule will also house a diverse collection representing the University of Illinois' history and culture. These include an iClicker, COVID-19 Test Tube, Campus Map, photos of Green Street and the Alma Mater, Murals Book, Illinois Alumni magazine, Daily Illini, and athletic jerseys. See the UIAA website for complete list of items and check back in 50 years for their unveiling in 2074.