Beyond the classroom, the impact of Illinois Statistics Ambassadors

The Department of Statistics at the University of Illinois is home to a group of exceptional student leaders known as the Illinois Statistics Ambassadors. These passionate and driven individuals are committed to fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for new and prospective students while showcasing the exciting opportunities within the field of statistics. Statistics Ambassadors are current students majoring in Statistics or Stat&CS who excel academically and have a deep understanding of the department's curriculum.

“Our ambassadors are a group of dedicated, enthusiastic students who engage in outreach, recruitment, and other service-oriented opportunities on behalf of the Department of Statistics. They are valuable storytellers who demonstrate the strength of our academic programs and who represent the many different pathways that studying statistics can provide,” Jennifer Anderson-Bliss, Academic Advisor, ambassador coordinator.

The Illinois Statistics Ambassadors program is designed to bridge the gap between current students and those considering a major in statistics. Through volunteering at recruitment events, mentoring new students, and organizing departmental workshops, these ambassadors play a crucial role in fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the department. Their commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive community within the Department of Statistics reflects the department's core values.

Starting Fall 2022, the Statistics Ambassadors began sharing their experiences and advice virtually through an online blog. This blog site serves as a platform for students to share their experiences, insights, and advice related to their college journey at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. It offers valuable guidance and support to students, covering a range of topics, including study tips, academic resources, course recommendations, and personal reflections on college life. Through the shared experiences and advice of fellow students, the blog aims to empower and inform the university community, helping individuals navigate the complexities and opportunities of their college experience.

In the most recent blog post, statistics junior, Jessica Abraham offers valuable advice to incoming college freshmen. She emphasizes several key points, such as the importance of time management, involvement in student organizations (RSOs), embracing uncertainty about one’s future, forming open-minded friendships, and avoiding unhealthy comparisons with peers. “I would say that time management is key to getting through college. I firmly believe that there’s always a way to balance what you love to do with what you must do,” Jessica Abraham. To read more of Jessica’s blog post and past ones, click here.

As the new academic year unfolds, these ambassadors are poised to continue their invaluable work, ensuring that the next generation of statisticians thrives both academically and personally. The Illinois Statistics Ambassadors are a testament to the spirit of mentorship and camaraderie that defines the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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