Inaugural recipients of the Department of Statistics Award for Excellence in Instruction named


Karle Flanagan and Alex Stepanov have been chosen as the inaugural recipients of the Department of Statistics Award for Excellence in Instruction. This award recognizes the impact that instructors have on their students by taking a holistic approach to understanding how faculty members facilitate the learning experience. The award will be presented at the Spring 2023 Bohrer Workshop in April. The selection committee received numerous nominations from students, faculty, administrators, and staff in the Department of Statistics.

Nominators for Dr. Flanagan expressed their appreciation for her contributions as an educator and the profound impact she has had on their learning and development through a positive environment. They indicated that Flanagan is always excited to teach and puts great effort into presenting topics in an approachable and engaging manner. Nominators described her lectures as "electric," "clear," and "supportive," and noted that she brings "an incredible enthusiasm and willingness to engage with every student, which is motivating."

Nominators for Dr. Stepanov highlighted his ability to make complex concepts accessible to students, delivering clear and organized lectures, and valued his dedication to teaching both inside and outside of the classroom. One nominator said, "He really wants students to succeed and make sure they do by providing many resources and much of his time. He is a true gem in the statistics department." Nominators appreciated his "interactive teaching style" that "applies the concepts to real-life examples," helping to explain concepts in a way that "stays with you for a very long time."