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ByeongJip Kim

Research Interests

My research area is the statistical inference on networks & graphs. For my studies, I use applied probability (e.g., concentration inequality and high-dimensional statistics communities), the Bayesian approach (e.g., Variational Bayes community), and computer sciences (e.g., network sciences, machine learning theory, and optimization communities) 

Research Description

(Working Title) Hypothesis Testing on Networks via a Kernel Function, in preparation

(Working Title) The MLSBM on the Heterogeneous Networks, in preparation

(Working Title) The Feature-Based MMSBM on the Heterogeneous Networks, in preparation



Ph.D. program in Statistics (ongoing), UIUC

M.S. in Statistics, Seoul National University

B.S. in Mathematical Sciences, KAIST


Awards and Honors

Departmental Award, Bohrer Workshop, Department of Statistics, UIUC 
Block Grant, University Fellowship for Doctoral Students, UIUC