Statistics Course Registration Information Pages

The Department of Statistics courses are in high demand. Highest priority in registration for each statistics course is given to statistics students, and students that are required by their major or program of study to take that particular course. This priority is given by restricting registration for most statistics courses to those students for a period of time that varies by course and section.

Please see these pages for further registration information:

If your question is NOT answered in any of those pages, you may email us at So we are best able to assist you, contact us from your university email address, and provide the following information: your first name, your last name, your UIN, your netID, the CRN for the course you are trying to register, and the ENTIRE message that displays when you try to register. NOTE: The message often includes "contact course department" but that phrase alone doesn't help us. We need the ENTIRE message to determine the specific reason why you were unable to register.

The office receives a large volume of messages about registration. Because of this, we can only respond to email inquiries that cannot be answered by reading the information on the pages linked above, and that provide all of the necessary information listed in the paragraph following the links.

4/4/2018 UPDATE

  • Information about statistics courses can be found here: This includes prerequisites, topics covered, cross-listings, etc. Please note that not all courses are controlled by the Department of Statistics.
  • When can students register? Information about time tickets can be found here:
  • Any sections listed for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 in Course Explorer are planned to be offered. EXCEPTION: If a section is listed as pending, that means it is uncertain whether it will be offered. Please plan your schedule as if pending sections will NOT be offered. The following should be correct for Spring 2018 sections:
  • Instructors shown for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018 sections are not accurate and likely to change.