Spring 2021 Registration Information

In order to meet the needs of an ever increasing number of statistics undergraduate and graduate students, our courses are typically limited to Statistics majors and Statistics graduate programs. Our restrictions are listed below. These are subject to change without notice, though we will try to keep it updated. Restrictions for a particular course or section can also be found in the Course Explorer, and also within the course's info within Enhanced Registration.

The removal of restrictions does not guarantee available space in a course. If there are no available seats, try to find another section. Also, the removal of restrictions is a manual process that must be done section-by-section. Therefore it is impossible to state at exactly what time restrictions will be changed/removed on the given dates. Our Course Scheduler will typically try to get them done before 12pm on the given day, but it may take longer, depending on other factors.

Courses that are controlled by our department and cross-listed with other departments (such as STAT 420 / ASRM 450) will only note the STAT-side restrictions below. Seats in the non-STAT sections are typically restricted per an agreement with that department, for their own students. For example, while STAT 420 may be restricted to Stat majors, ASRM 450's seats may be available to ASRM students. Students in non-Stat majors should consult with their advisors if they have difficulty getting a seat in such a course.

Some courses that use the STAT rubric are not controlled by our department. STAT 361 and STAT 555 are examples. See the Course Explorer listings for those courses for more info on the controlling department.

Undergraduate Restrictions

Courses Major-Based & other Restrictions Class-based Restrictions & Change Dates Major-based Restrictions plan to be released...
STAT 100, 107, 200, & 212 None, with a small number of seats reserved for first-time freshmen and/or non-degree students. - Unused reserved seats opened during the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.
STAT 385 Open to Stat, Stat&CS, and Econometrics majors. Seniors only (11/30 - 12/04).
Juniors only (12/04 - 12/07).
All classes (12/07).
During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.
STAT 400, 408, 410 & 420 Open to Stat, Stat&CS, and several other majors. - On or near December 10th, 2020.
STAT 427 Open to a small number of Stat or Stat&CS majors, but only by approval. See http://go.illinois.edu/STAT427_form for more info. - This course will not be open to other majors.
STAT 428 Open to Stat&CS majors.
Open to Stat majors (12/02).
Seniors only (11/30 - 12/02).
All classes (12/02).
During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.
All other 400-level courses. Open to Stat and Stat&CS majors. Seniors only (11/30 - 12/02).
All classes (12/02).
During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.

Graduate Restrictions (only apply to courses with grad-specific GR sections or 500-level courses)
Notes: In this context, "Stat MS" refers to both our general MS and those in the Analytics concentration. "Stat Grads" refers to all graduate students in our MS, MS-Analytics, or PhD programs. Students in our Applied MS program will only be considered a "Stat Grad" by the system during the initial term of enrollment in our program.

For 400-level courses that also have undergraduate sections, be mindful that we may reassign unused graduate seats to undergraduate sections. Graduate students should choose their courses and register as soon as possible to avoid losing seats they assumed would be plentiful.

Courses Program-Based & other Restrictions Program-based Restrictions plan to be released...
STAT 410 Open to Stat Grads. During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.
STAT 420 No graduate seats are assigned to STAT 420 -
STAT 425 Open to Stat Grads. During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction. Possibly not at all, depending on graduate and undergraduate need.
STAT 426  Open to Stat MS.
Stat PhD not permitted.

During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction, department restriction only.
Stat PhDs should take STAT 528 as a Qualifying Exam course.

STAT 528, 575 Open to Stat Grads, with seats reserved for first-year PhD students. During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.
STAT 578

Open to Stat Grads.
Possibly open to other grad programs based on topic.
(Section DSO is not open to anybody outside the online MCSDS program.)

Released as of 01/08/2021. (Except section DSO.)
All other grad courses Open to Stat Grads.

During the first week of Spring 2021 instruction.


Section Capacities: Please note that section capacities can change over time, especially with courses that have differential credit for grads and undergrads. It's not uncommon for us to need to shift some seats from one sub-section to another, and we do not give advanced notice of such shifts.

Restrictions: Generally speaking, most of our courses are initially restricted to Statistics students, with some cross-listed courses also allowing students in certain other programs. See the table at the bottom of this page for specifics.

Level-restrictions: For courses with differential credit between undergrads and grads, undergrads must register for sections with UG in the name, and grads the sections with GR in the name. For STAT 430, the sections generally have just the U or G at the end. Level restrictions are not lifted. Whenever we mention lifting restrictions, we mean major/program/department restrictions, not level.

Overrides: I do not keep waitlists, nor do I provide overrides for full or restricted courses. Emails from students asking for overrides or a waitlist may not receive a response. Instructors do not have authority to override restrictions or capacity. Contact an advisor if you're concerned about not getting into a needed course.

Course Formats: Many of you may be confused about whether your course is online or not. In general, if the section is online, the Schedule Type will have the word "online" in it, such as Online, Online-Lecture, Online-Discussion, etc. If an online section has times listed, the instructor has indicated that the section is synchronous. Otherwise, for asynchronous sections, it should read "Arranged". These courses usually use recorded lecture videos rather than live lecture meetings. Refer to the syllabus provided by the instructor for details about your course format. Very few STAT courses are being taught in person this term.

Thank you for your patience during these hectic times.

Joseph Zarnsy
Statistics Registration Desk