Undergraduate Program

Welcome to the Undergraduate Studies in Statistics at the University of Illinois!

David Unger
David Unger - Undergraduate Majors Advisor

The Department of Statistics in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers prospective students a variety of options to pursue a deeper understanding of statistics. The major, administered by the Department of Statistics, is designed to provide students with an understanding of the concepts of statistical inference and a familiarity with the methods of applied statistical analysis. A major in statistics will prepare students for a career in business, industry, or government, and for further graduate study in statistics or in a related area. 

In addition to offering a majors program, the Department also offers a minor program for students in other fields of study to enhance their statistical knowledge. As more and more data is collected, stored and analyzed, students are finding it increasingly beneficial to gain expertise in statistics to bolster their research skills and enhance their career opportunities. To help prepare such students the Department of Statistics offers an undergraduate minor for non-majors who take a significant number of courses in Statistics. Coursework for the degree exposes students to statistical computation, theory of mathematical statistics, and many common techniques of statistical analysis.

In conjunction with the Department of Computer Science, students may also pursue a bachelors degree in Statistics and Computer Science through CS.